corporate purchases

Give them a gift that lets them treat themselves! Whether you want to reward team members, clients or customers, a Westfield Gift Card makes a lot of sense.

How to order

Purchasing Westfield Gift Cards is a simple and straightforward process. To order you can: Download Corporate Order Form.

Call 0800 WESTFIELD or 0800 937 834 between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri (excluding public holidays) to speak with a member of the Westfield Gift Card team or contact us.


You can load the Westfield Gift Card with any dollar value between $10 and $995. All Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Payment for corporate purchases can be made via any of the following options:

  • Direct Credit
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, Diners and MasterCard)

Please allow 3 working days to process your order once payment is received (this may vary depending on your payment option). In many cases credit card purchases can be processed and dispatched on the same working day.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Gift Cards

Westfield Gift Cards can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Upon providing the original Westfield receipt (not the EFTPOS receipt), our Customer Service team can cancel the lost, stolen or damaged Card and help you arrange for a replacement Card, subject to the Gift Card terms and conditions. Simply visit the Customer Service Desk at your local Westfield centre or call the Gift Card Helpline on 0800 WESTFIELD or 0800 937 834. Lost, stolen or damaged Cards may take up to ten working days to be replaced.


Organisations have the opportunity to add your company logo or message to the Westfield Gift Card to create a unique reward. Contact a member of the Westfield Gift Card team on 0800 WESTFIELD or 0800 937 834 to find out more.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards to accompany the Westfield Gift Cards can be purchased at a cost of $2 each incl. GST. Check out some of the great Greeting Card Designs on offer.

Administration Fee

There is no administration fee for individual orders with a total load value of $1,000 or greater. An administration fee of $10 incl. GST is payable for all orders with a total load value of less than $1,000. Applicable courier fees will apply. Smaller orders can be placed online or at Westfield Customer Service Desks throughout New Zealand.

More information?

For further enquiries regarding Westfield Gift Cards, please phone the Gift Card helpline on 0800 WESTFIELD or 0800 937 834 between 9am and 5pm Mon - Fri (excluding public holidays) or contact us.